Cosplay Photography

The Incredible Hulk Cosplay

When providing cosplay photography, the unbounding enthusiasm of cosplayers in portraying their fictional personna accurately, never ceases to amaze us. We marvel, in awe, at the ingenuity and dedication they have invested into their characters' costumes of their choice.

It really is hard to hide our amazement, and this is why it is such a pleasure to photograph cosplayers. Secretly, we long to be Batman, Spiderman or Thor but, everyone has their job, and our's is capturing killer images.

It is quite astonishing to consider that The Incredible Hulk, Deadpool and Chewbacca could be amongst our clients; how cool is that!

Cosplayers put so much into their costumes that we want to immortalise your fantasy personna in glorious print for you.

How to Book Your Cosplay Photography Session

Cosplayers can book individual shoots, group shoots or for event shoots.

Individual shoot - a single cosplayer books a themed photoshoot for themselves.

Group Shoot - Two, or more, cosplayers book, and attend, a shoot together, thereby, making it more cost-effective. This is particularly useful for a gathering of cosplay friends, or, if your cosplay club books the shoot to have it's members attend.

Event Shoot - There are two options here;

1. the organisers of a public event book our services to photograph the event for promotional purposes and/or to provide a service to their attendees, or,

2. the organisers of a private event eg. a themed wedding or similar fancy dress event, book us to attend to photograph their guests.

If you have any other ideas where we could provide services to you in the cosplay photography genre, then, we'd love to hear them, so, we can give you that service too.

For all our services, the great news is.....

You also get the corresponding digital file, for each print order placed, pre-formatted for sharing on social media. This way, you'll get the direct benefits of both formats to show off your images, far and wide, at their very best.

Just make contact and book your cosplay photography shoot right now.

Star Wars Stormtrooper Cosplay