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Posted by Graham on 09/07/2019

It’s an Old English Sheepdog’s Life!

Old English Sheepdogs United!

Having owned two old english sheepdogs, I know what a special animal this is and I’m yet to meet one that I didn’t like! As well as meeting all the lovely people behind the dogs, it was something else to see all these dogs gathered in one place. Someone was smiling on us from above for sure, as we all enjoyed a leisurely day in very pleasant weather at the beautiful grounds of Chatsworth House in Derbyshire. We all got to meet people that we had only known through Facebook, before this day, and it was great to chat to them about everything, and anything. I never expected to meet people who live very near to where I grew up, so we talked about places we knew and how these places had changed, or even have a discussion about forensic science! When I look at the group photograph, I can see there are also many people, and dogs, I didn’t get to meet and that’s something to look forward to for the next time! Group photograph of Old English Sheepdogs It was truly a delight to experience the interaction of these dogs who were extremely well behaved in the company of so many other competitors for affection. If only they could talk, wouldn’t it be great to understand how they felt about meeting all these kindred spirits? Here’s a shot of two litter mates being reunited and playing together! Old English Sheepdog litter mates reunited and playing NB. Unfortunately, the terms & conditions of Chatsworth House did not allow us to use any lighting equipment or tripods etc. Neither do they permit us to sell any images that have been taken on their premises. Therefore, if you would like a digital copy of any of our images from this day, they can be supplied to you free of charge. Simply contact us with the file number of the image you want from the gallery and we will send it to you. We are available to do formal or informal photo shoots with your pets, so, please pick up our mobile Web App here to save to your phone, or tablet. This makes it easy to contact us in the future and share our details with friends who may desire professional photography too. You can view all the day’s photos in the gallery here!
Posted by Graham on 18/06/2019

What a Fab Shoot at Vertical Joy!

Truly An Activity For All!

What a great bunch of ladies we had along for this photo shoot! Remarkably, the student age range was almost fifty years at this photo shoot, which means that, damn! you can’t use age as an excuse any longer! Sarah, at Vertical Joy, was also on hand to assist her students, with encouragement and guidance, to achieve the moves they had practiced in class. Evidently, Sarah takes a great deal of pride in developing her students and seeing them achieve, and surpass, their own expectations. If you’re reading this, and you’re inspired by these ladies, be sure to make contact with Sarah at Vertical Joy. You won’t be disappointed by how much help and guidance you’ll receive, and you will definitely surprise yourself!

Naturally, we’re focused on achieving the photographs (little pun there lol!), that each of the ladies would be proud to display of themselves. Nevertheless, we still had a relaxed, and encouraging, environment too. The students had varying levels of confidence about having their photographs taken but, they showed real character to extend themselves beyond their comfort zone, as far as being in front of the camera was concerned; and that’s all credit to each of them and Sarah’s coaching. Most importantly, all of these ladies, without exception, delivered their poses, and hopefully, they are very proud of their results!

We may be coming to a fitness club or dance school near you, on our travels, so, let us know which school or club you’re a member of and we’ll try to arrange something for you.

Perhaps you, or someone you know, has a business involving pole fitness, dance tuition or a fitness club? If so, we would welcome a chat to show how you can also offer professional photography services to your students and members and make your business look even better in their eyes!

Why not view the full gallery here!

Posted by Graham on 01/05/2019

Another Thrilling Horse Photo Shoot!

A Rain Free Day, Yay!

We got to do a number of shots today that we were unable to do on our previous visit to Ruskington Shire Stud including some action shots and sunset shots, as well as a combination of the two!

View the full gallery here!

Posted by Graham on 29/04/2019

International Dance Day is celebrated today!

International Dance Day

This is just a quick blog post in celebration of International Dance Day. Therefore, I have included a few dance photographs of mine for you to enjoy.

Posted by Graham on 16/04/2019

Notre Dame de Paris, Remembered.

Events that left the gargoyles wondering what happened…

Notre Dame de Paris Fire

After visiting Paris in May 2018, one of our must do visits was Notre Dame; in fact, we went there twice on two consecutive days. One day, we climbed the narrow, ever winding, stairway to the top. The firefighters would have had to climb these stairs with their equipment; it’s no joke, I can tell you!

Photographer’s Tale

There are photographs that require immediate attention and there are those that have to be last in the editing queue. This is usually personal holiday shots at the back end of the queue. Our trip to Paris was no different in that respect and, whilst a few select shots were edited at the time, the majority sat on the hard drive waiting for the time that never arrived.

Devastating Fire

The events of Monday, April 15, 2019 in Paris had us all gazing, in shock, just as the Parisians did, at the news footage on our TV screens. This morning, I was compelled to edit and produce the images I took involving Notre Dame de Paris. As I was editing, I couldn’t help wondering if the objects in my images still existed on Tuesday, April 16, 2019…

I’ve published a selection of images to enjoy below which will help you appreciate the devastating loss this fire has delivered to the French nation and their history.

Click on any image to enlarge and scroll through at your leisure. We’d love to hear your comments in the box below this blog post. If you would like to see more images of Notre Dame, let me know in the comments and I’ll put a full gallery together on the website or, if enough people request it, I’ll produce a mobile Web App dedicated to Notre Dame.