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Posted by Graham on 23/06/2022

Supergirl Cosplay Photoshoot

Superhero Cosplay Made Reality

With Donna Kitching as Supergirl, we planned the types of images we were looking to create for her Supergirl cosplay and then sought out suitable locations for our photoshoot.

One thing to understand is, that, when walking through the city dressed as a superhero, a few heads will turn. So, we had a few interactions with a few people; all very pleasant and jovial of course which helped to make the photoshoot experience all the more memorable.

My vision for the shoot meant that a few different locations were required that were, preferably, close together but, had the different looks that we needed. The first location was the roof of a multi-storey car park where I wanted to capture Supergirl against a sky background looking powerful as well as attempt some flying shots.

Revealing She's Supergirl Supergirl Power Stance

As we were leaving the multi-storey car park, I spotted a large puddle on a lower level and decided to do an unplanned shot using the reflection which turned out to be one of Donna’s favourite shots.

Not wishing to be distracted from our main shoot objectives, we quickly moved on to our next location, the rear of a cinema building, where I had found some attractive lighting to take advantage of. It was also relatively quiet and gave us the opportunity to purchase some hot drinks for a well deserved mid-shoot break!

From here, we ventured to the fountains of lava, or were they really lava?

The video below reveals the answer and takes you through all the final images revealed to Supergirl as she sees them for the first time following the photoshoot!

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Posted by Graham on 18/07/2021

Zombie Apocalypse Photoshoot!

When You Have A Zombie Apocalypse, You’ve Got To Have Zombie Hunters!

We’ve been subjected to zombie apocalypse horror films for as long as I can remember. However, there has been a resurgence in their popularity as a horror genre since “The Walking Dead” appeared on our screens.

Zombie Hunter Kill
Kennedy Clark (Zombie Hunter) and Nessa Tink Cowdroy (Zombie).

When the opportunity arose to photograph some real live zombies, well, not so ‘live’ zombies, I jumped at the chance! A huge thank you goes out to Kristian S Bristow from the Lincolnshire Photographers and Models Facebook group who invited me to take part in this photoshoot at “The House” in Humberston. This was a group photoshoot where a number of photographers and models set out to create themed images and the theme, this time, was a Zombie Apocalypse!

Surprise a Zombie!
Helen Poucher (Zombie Hunter) and Nessa Tink Cowdroy (Zombie).

Everyone that we met at this event was friendly and considerate of each other in creating these images and we were able to spend three very enjoyable hours together. I must give a shout out to all the players involved without whom we cannot produce images:

Zombie Hunters:

Shayne Robbins; Sam Abbott; Kennedy Clark; Helen Poucher; Ann-Kathrin Bokelmann & Kristian S Bristow.


Andrew Welsh; Laura June & Nessa Tink Cowdroy.

Zombie in my sight!
Shayne Robbins (Zombie Hunter)

I think we could have carried on shooting all evening as we were getting such a great variety of shots across this piece of land. Anyway, I hope that you enjoy these images and you can view the full gallery of images from the  shoot here. I edited a couple of the images in such a way that it reminded me of those Seventies Zombie Horror films, so, I took it a little further and produced my own fictional film poster below. As always, we want to hear your feedback on our images, enjoy!

Zombie Shoot movie poster
Andrew Welsh (Zombie)

Do you perhaps, or someone you know, enjoy cosplay? If so, we’d love to help you achieve professional images to last you a lifetime!

You can view the Cosplay gallery here!

Posted by Graham on 01/10/2020

Why Fitness Photography Is Fabulous!

Motion is the Lotion!

Using our muscles continually is vitally important if we want to have use of them throughout our lives. However, it’s definitely true that some people are more focused on this than others and, through our fitness photography, we aim to capture the results of their efforts.

Daniel Barr black & white muscle tone image

“Graham photographed me in three different locations, he presented loads of ideas to me, gave me great direction and was really easy to work with. I cannot wait to see the photos and I would highly recommend working with him if you get the chance.”

Daniel Barr (Pictured above)

Dedicated people have told me how satisfying it is to mark their progress and accomplishments through photography. In the main, they have relayed three things to me in particular:

  • They get to see how they look through the eyes of others;
  • Their confidence, and pride, increases as they share their images on social media;
  • With professional images, and printed products, they can look back on them throughout their lives.

Whether I’m photographing people doing sport, dance or fitness, they see the rewards of their hard work in their photographs. This motivates them in their endeavours and they then look forward, with enthusiasm, to their next photo shoot!

Fitness Photography Published in a National Magazine!

One of my images, published in the national magazine ‘Best’, featured the fantastic achievements of Shirley Hoyles (pictured below). Can you believe how good she looks? Now, she has those photographs, for the whole of her life, to show everyone and remind herself of the extent of her dedication.

Shirley Hoyles pole fitness published image

Imagine what it would feel like to have images of you in your chosen activity…

A Fitness Photography Proposal To Blog Readers

Are you a member of a sports club, gymnasium, dance school or studio? If you introduce Photography Street to the owners of your club who, then hold a photo shoot at their premises, you will receive three edited digital images, free of charge, from your resulting photo shoot.

Perhaps you are the owner reading this right now? We’ll deliver fantastic images to your clients whilst, simultaneously, increasing the benefits of membership at your club.

You can really treat yourself with an individual photo shoot! So, just as Daniel did, get in touch to discuss your bespoke session.

Daniel Barr Humber Bridge sunset fitness image

View more fitness, sport and dance images in the gallery in our mobile folio and in our website galleries.

Posted by Graham on 25/09/2020

Time For Business Headshots

Every Business, And Their Employees, Are Different To All Others…

This is certainly true and the reason why the photographer must understand the ethos of the client’s business. Equally, the people that work in the client’s business are individuals too, so, there’s also some allowance for individuality to come through in the photographs. At senior executive/board level, there’s further scope for creating more corporate style images, whilst remaining faithful to the umbrella requirements and ethos of the client business.

Female Business Headshot

You may well conclude that these headshots would not fit your business ethos and that would make complete sense. It further illustrates my point that I can change how the image looks to fit the ethos of your business. The images of both the professional, and the business, project so much about them without using any words at all. Therefore, it’s absolutely imperative, when taking business photographs, that I achieve a good understanding of the business ethos.

Executive image

Sharing these recent headshot sessions with you, serves to remind us how important they are in separating us from our competition. This has become increasingly more important then ever before, under the current climate, as online activity is at its highest level in history.

So, whatever the size and niche of your business, there is no doubt that you will benefit from having our professional images represent you in your marketplace.

Get more information about our great looking headshots here and tell us what you need!

Posted by Graham on 06/09/2020

PREDATOR! If You Go Down To The Woods Today!

No Teddy Bears’ Picnic For Me, No Way Predator!

If you know the Predator films, you know this creature kills without blinking an eye. When I got the opportunity to hook up with this Predator, I never gave it a second’s thought of the immediate danger I could be in. I did know, however, that we were in for an exciting day together!

Predator Using Arm Computer

In reality, the opposite, of course, is true. Matthew Hopson was acting out the role of this alien killer and was a pleasure to work with. We were both extremely pleased with the resulting images from the shoot. We did, however, generate some attention from local dog walkers, their dogs, and a few local kids as we transformed a local woodland area into the tropical forests inhabited by the Predator in the films. I really want to know what the dogs made of him but, sadly, I am no Doctor Dolittle…

Predator side on view

I have always thoroughly enjoyed Cosplay and my goal is to bring these characters to life in that very moment I’ve captured in the camera. It’s probably also the little boy from my childhood coming to the surface again. You might think that it’s just a case of putting a suit on but, you’d be wrong! I learnt, during this shoot, that Matthew has to work hard in that outfit to move, behave and become that creature in order to convince the observer that Predator is really there in front of them! I wouldn’t be surprised if he  loses weight wearing this outfit as he appears to lose lots of fluids!

Predator in blue smoke

We divided our shoot into sections over approximately two hours. We incorporated portraits, action and drama as we recreated the presence of Predator! I wanted to inject a little humour also and show Predator chilling out from his killing and causing terror ways. Here he is taking some time for fun and if you’d like to see the whole shoot including Predator making camp, just follow this link to the Predator Gallery.

Predator on the swing

Do you perhaps, or someone you know, enjoy cosplay? If so, we’d love to help you achieve professional images to last you a lifetime!

You can view the Cosplay gallery here!