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Posted by Graham on 22/03/2018

The Photography Show, NEC, 2018

The Photography Show Weather Obstacle: The weatherman’s forecast was for heavy snowfall on Friday night. We collected my daughter from university Friday, rather than my wife collecting her Saturday in, potentionally, awful weather conditions. We were not destined to get to The Photography Show this year, it seemed. The snow began to fall as we travelled to the Midlands on Saturday afternoon but, we made it there safely. On Sunday morning, all we could see was snow. Travelling to The Photography Show was too much of a risk and, so, another day was lost to the weather. Snowfall Subsided: We finally reached The Photography Show the following day, Monday. Unfortunately, Comic Con 2018, in the adjacent Hall, was only on Sat. & Sun. but, you can click here to see shots from 2017. It was disappointing to miss Mary McCartney’s talk at The Photography Show as well as not photographing the cosplayers! From lessons learnt last year, we were far more selective about which stands to visit and which talks to attend. Having arrived with our own agenda, we got the most out of our day there. This year was more eventful due to the weather and meeting a couple of key suppliers that will play a part in our future delivery. There’s no doubt, this is a great show to attend whatever level your photography is at. Also, if you’re thinking about any significant purchases, you can achieve savings as manufacturers are offering show deals too. Hopefully, there won’t be any snow next year! Here’s a little video overview from a photographer, who shoots great work too, Rahim Mastafa, enjoy!
Posted by Graham on 04/04/2017

Photographing Sixties’ Bands Performing Live

This was a great line up of Sixties’ bands to entertain the people of Scunthorpe tonight and you can see more shots in our Gallery:

  1. The Ivy League
  2. The Fortunes
  3. Hermans Hermits
  4. The Swinging Blue Jeans
  5. The New Amen Corner
  6. Chris Farlow

Even got to chat with them all at the end of the night. Great bunch of lads!

Posted by Graham on 24/03/2017

The Photography Show 2017, NEC.

Our first visit to this massive four day Photography Show 2017!

There was so much to see here from accessories to major camera manufacturers. So much is going on everywhere you look and we had a fabulous, but tiring, time, exploring, listening and discovering what new suppliers had to offer.

This was a great opportunity to hear speakers and witness demonstrations too as we have a continuous improvement approach to our work and training, in our opinion, is invaluable.

Also, The Comic Con Show was on next door and so, we got to meet and photograph a lot of cosplayers! You can see some of the images taken here.

Click here for an overview of the show.