Category: Equine

May 1, 2019 Graham

A Rain Free Day, Yay! We got to do a number of shots today that we were unable to do on our previous visit to Ruskington Shire Stud including some action shots and sunset shots, as well as a combination of the two! View the full gallery here!

April 16, 2019 Graham

Notre Dame de Paris Fire After visiting Paris in May 2018, one of our must do visits was Notre Dame; in fact, we went there twice on two consecutive days. One day, we climbed the narrow, ever winding, stairway to the top. The firefighters would have had to climb these stairs with their equipment; it’s…

April 10, 2019 Graham

Our Visit To Ruskington Shires Stud. Further to our teaser blog, here are the images from the shire horse photography shoot at the Ruskington Shires Stud. We would like to thank them for their invitation, hospitality and handling of the horses during the day. The Rain Couldn’t Stop Us! The weather was against us and…