Zombie Apocalypse Photoshoot!

July 18, 2021 Graham

When You Have A Zombie Apocalypse, You’ve Got To Have Zombie Hunters!

We’ve been subjected to zombie apocalypse horror films for as long as I can remember. However, there has been a resurgence in their popularity as a horror genre since “The Walking Dead” appeared on our screens.

Zombie Hunter Kill
Kennedy Clark (Zombie Hunter) and Nessa Tink Cowdroy (Zombie).

When the opportunity arose to photograph some real live zombies, well, not so ‘live’ zombies, I jumped at the chance! A huge thank you goes out to Kristian S Bristow from the Lincolnshire Photographers and Models Facebook group who invited me to take part in this photoshoot at “The House” in Humberston. This was a group photoshoot where a number of photographers and models set out to create themed images and the theme, this time, was a Zombie Apocalypse!

Surprise a Zombie!
Helen Poucher (Zombie Hunter) and Nessa Tink Cowdroy (Zombie).

Everyone that we met at this event was friendly and considerate of each other in creating these images and we were able to spend three very enjoyable hours together. I must give a shout out to all the players involved without whom we cannot produce images:

Zombie Hunters:

Shayne Robbins; Sam Abbott; Kennedy Clark; Helen Poucher; Ann-Kathrin Bokelmann & Kristian S Bristow.


Andrew Welsh; Laura June & Nessa Tink Cowdroy.

Zombie in my sight!
Shayne Robbins (Zombie Hunter)

I think we could have carried on shooting all evening as we were getting such a great variety of shots across this piece of land. Anyway, I hope that you enjoy these images and you can view the full gallery of images from theĀ  shoot here. I edited a couple of the images in such a way that it reminded me of those Seventies Zombie Horror films, so, I took it a little further and produced my own fictional film poster below. As always, we want to hear your feedback on our images, enjoy!

Zombie Shoot movie poster
Andrew Welsh (Zombie)

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