Sports Action & Portraiture

Fitness Portraiture

Dramatic Sports Portraiture

All sporting types are catered for from Premier League football teams to Community & School activities.

We are experienced in a wide range of 'capturing the action' photography, so, just contact us to discuss your needs; we are ready to help you.

This type of photography lends itself to all kinds of events and these are just a few reasons you'll need professionally taken photographs:

  • Record an important event;
  • For promotion of an event or venue;
  • For raising publicity of an event or news worthy item;
  • To obtain commercial merchandise for a team/club;
  • Motivation of team/club members;
  • To mark an historic event such as sporting finals and semi-finals;

The list could go on ad infinitum, so, this is just to provide some ideas and we look forward to hearing your ideas too.


Action Photography

Action photography can cover a whole plethora of activities where subjects in the frame are moving, usually at speed.

Some examples of these may be:




Mountain Bikers;

Bunjee Jumpers;

Ice Skating;


Corporate Event Games.


Dancers at Sunset

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