Supergirl Cosplay Photoshoot

June 23, 2022 Graham

Superhero Cosplay Made Reality

With Donna Kitching as Supergirl, we planned the types of images we were looking to create for her Supergirl cosplay and then sought out suitable locations for our photoshoot.

One thing to understand is, that, when walking through the city dressed as a superhero, a few heads will turn. So, we had a few interactions with a few people; all very pleasant and jovial of course which helped to make the photoshoot experience all the more memorable.

My vision for the shoot meant that a few different locations were required that were, preferably, close together but, had the different looks that we needed. The first location was the roof of a multi-storey car park where I wanted to capture Supergirl against a sky background looking powerful as well as attempt some flying shots.

Revealing She's Supergirl
Supergirl Power Stance

As we were leaving the multi-storey car park, I spotted a large puddle on a lower level and decided to do an unplanned shot using the reflection which turned out to be one of Donna’s favourite shots.

Not wishing to be distracted from our main shoot objectives, we quickly moved on to our next location, the rear of a cinema building, where I had found some attractive lighting to take advantage of. It was also relatively quiet and gave us the opportunity to purchase some hot drinks for a well deserved mid-shoot break!

From here, we ventured to the fountains of lava, or were they really lava?

The video below reveals the answer and takes you through all the final images revealed to Supergirl as she sees them for the first time following the photoshoot!

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