Bransby Horses Mobile Web App Released Today!

October 16, 2018 Graham

Another Mobile Web App Release!

Today saw the release of yet another one of our fantastic mobile Web Apps! This time, it was for a wonderful charity, Bransby Horses – Rescue and Welfare‚Äč and we would like to encourage you all to add this Web App to the home screen of your phone and share it freely to people you know, in order to extend the reach of this charity. They are celebrating 50 years this year and has just accommodated the visit of Monty Roberts who is known to many around the world, including Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II, as “The Real Horse Whisperer”.

Bransby Horses Mobile Web App:

View this post on your mobile device and click here to view the Bransby Horses Web App then, follow the instruction on screen to add to your home screen and it will appear as a Icon alongside your other mobile apps. To share it, simply press the black circle and select how you wish to share it; you can choose from various social media destinations or email & text it to people you know. It’s really that easy!

Philly's Footpath at Bransby Horses
Philly’s Footpath at Bransby Horses

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