Lincoln Shire Horse Photography Shoot: Teaser!

April 4, 2019 Graham

Ruskington Shires Stud Photo Shoot.

We were delighted to be invited to carry out shire horse photography at the Ruskington Shires Stud on Tuesday. We were made to feel very welcome by the team of Karen, Jade and Brad who afforded us their hospitality. The shoot would not have been possible without their handling the horses and, most importantly tea making, during the shoot.

The Heavens Opened And We Were Living On A Prayer…

Normally, you hope that your subject, in this case horses, respond to having their photograph taken but, on this day, it turned out that the real challenge was the weather!

The heavens opened up and it was forecast to rain all day long, and it did! Due to prior commitments of both parties whilst considering pending weather forecasts, it was proving difficult to find a suitable day to re-schedule. So, the brave decision was made to work with the weather we had presented to us.

This meant that the entire photo shoot was indoors within the central passage of the barn which was restrictive for space. This limited us to photographing two beautiful shires with great temperaments, “Oboe” & “Bon Jovi” but, we all faced the challenge, including the horses, ‘head on’ together!

Here’s a taster shot  of “Oboe” looking extremely handsome to enjoy whilst the remainder of the shoot is being processed.

Shire Horse "Oboe"

Return Visit On The Cards!

Despite the weather, we all had a fabulous day together and we felt that we made some new friends too! We will be planning a return visit on a better day, weatherwise, to extend the photo shoot outdoors!