Monty Roberts Visits Bransby Horses!

October 9, 2018 Graham

Bransby Horses – Monty Roberts’ Visit.

We were delighted to be invited to photograph Monty Roberts visiting Bransby Horses on Friday, October 5, 2018. This was a special visit by a remarkable gentleman who was an absolute pleasure to meet.

“The Real Horse Whisperer”

Monty Roberts is known to many around the World as “The Real Horse Whisperer” because of his unique way of understanding horses in a completely non-violent way. It was after he was requested, personally, to write his first book by Her Majesty, The Queen, when his autobiography, “The Man Who Listens to Horses”, hit the shelves. He has published several more books since then and, is currently working on his second autobiography, as he states that more has happened in his life since meeting The Queen than before! The Daily Mail reported, in 2016, how Prince Harry has adopted Monty’s techniques with horses and extended the impact of these teachings to helping war veterans suffering from PTSD. Monty’s ‘Horse Sense and Healing’ clinics are highly successful in this area, allowing sufferers of post traumatic stress to work with horses and this is expanding on both sides of the Atlantic.

Monty Roberts at Bransby Horses
Monty Roberts at Bransby Horses

What is even more remarkable about Monty Roberts is discovering that he had a violent upbringing and, consequently, he was developing rapidly into a violent adolescent. This violent experience was also towards horses in order to ‘break them in’. Thankfully, this environment has been alien to him now since his teens when his life went in a different direction because key, influential people entered his life and helped him change from a violent to a non-violent way of life.

Friday, October 5, 2018 at Bransby Horses

Monty visited the 50 years exhibition in the visitor centre first before taking a tour of the paddocks and, then, delivering an engaging and intimate Q&A session shared by a small number of lucky individuals in the Clifford Marshall Building of Bransby Horses.

Watch this space as we will be releasing the Bransby Horses mobile Web App very soon to mark their 50 year anniversary and this special visit of Monty Roberts.

2 Comments on “Monty Roberts Visits Bransby Horses!

  1. Great shot and good write up.
    If you do more writing about him, I’d love to know more about how he went from violent to non-violent.
    How did you get the assignment to shoot with him?

    1. Hello Michael
      Thank you for commenting here on my blog post.
      I’ve just placed the title of Monty’s autobiography into the blog post so you can look it up and find out more about him.
      He spoke extremely fondly about his teacher who he says was responsible for saving him from his violent ways and, as he spoke about this, he produced her photograph from his pocket to show us.
      Photographs from this event will be included in the mobile Web App which will be available for distribution in the next few days. Let me know if you would like to receive a copy and I’ll share it with you.
      We had taken my daughter here when she was about nine or ten which was about 8 or 9 years ago and we all remembered a lovely time visiting but, this organisation has developed considerably since then. This particular assignment came about because my wife visited their charity Autumn Fair recently which led to my conversation with them and we decided to support this charity to help get them noticed by a wider audience.

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