What a Fab Shoot at Vertical Joy!

June 18, 2019 Graham

Truly An Activity For All!

What a great bunch of ladies we had along for this photo shoot! Remarkably, the student age range was almost fifty years at this photo shoot, which means that, damn! you can’t use age as an excuse any longer! Sarah, at Vertical Joy, was also on hand to assist her students, with encouragement and guidance, to achieve the moves they had practiced in class. Evidently, Sarah takes a great deal of pride in developing her students and seeing them achieve, and surpass, their own expectations. If you’re reading this, and you’re inspired by these ladies, be sure to make contact with Sarah at Vertical Joy. You won’t be disappointed by how much help and guidance you’ll receive, and you will definitely surprise yourself!

Naturally, we’re focused on achieving the photographs (little pun there lol!), that each of the ladies would be proud to display of themselves. Nevertheless, we still had a relaxed, and encouraging, environment too. The students had varying levels of confidence about having their photographs taken but, they showed real character to extend themselves beyond their comfort zone, as far as being in front of the camera was concerned; and that’s all credit to each of them and Sarah’s coaching. Most importantly, all of these ladies, without exception, delivered their poses, and hopefully, they are very proud of their results!

We may be coming to a fitness club or dance school near you, on our travels, so, let us know which school or club you’re a member of and we’ll try to arrange something for you.

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