A new week brings a new support Web App to our clients! This supports, and helps, our clients help their clients too!

February 18, 2019 Graham

New Support Web App is Released:

Our mobile Web Apps are so easy to share and work for your business. We appreciate that when we’re focused at work, simple tasks can fox us when our brains are elsewhere. Therefore, we have put together a Web App purely to support our clients, and their customers, even further.

How does this help your business?

This is provided to your business to make reference to whenever you need it. What’s more, as well as supporting your own personnel, this Web App can also be shared freely with your customers to demonstrate that you are supporting them too.

Our Suggestion For Existing, and Future, Clients.

Naturally, we’re pleased if you feel that you don’t require the help provided within this Web App. Nevertheless, we would recommend that all clients add this Web App to their mobile device home screen and sit it in a folder with your personalised Web App immediately.

This can be a tool for training and supporting your own personnel and, it’s there, at your fingertips, poised, should one of your clients request assistance in this area. Imagine, how impressed your clients will be by your response to them asking for help…

Add this support Web App to your home screen now.

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